What is Angus Beef ?

Angus steak is high quality beef from the Angus breed of cattle which originated centuries ago in Scotland. The black and red hornless cattle are bred for their tender succulent, tasty meat.

Angus cattle have the natural ability to produce high quality marbled beef which gives the beef its great taste because of tiny white flecks of intra-muscular marbling found inside the meat. Most other breeds produce external fat around and outside the muscle. With Angus Steak the marbling disappears during the cooking process, leaving the meat deliciously moist and tender.

The meat is matured for 21 days for optimal tenderness. The meat comes in a blue printed sleeve with the logo on the top right side. Once you remove the sleeve to cook the meat you will find the meat in a transparent vacuum bag. Vacuum-packaging involves the exclusion of oxygen combined with controlled temperature.

Vacuum packed meat has a purplish red colour and a slightly unpleasant smell is noticed when the packaging is opened. On exposure to air, however, the meat regains its healthy red colour (blooming) and the “smell” disappears.